Mobile Water Treatment

Mobile Water Purifiers and Water Treatment systems

Sustainability and Innovation at the service of Drinking water supply and its subsequent Water Treatment in Missions and Rapid Deployments

Innovation and sustainability in water supply

Water scarcity along with the difficulties of access to remote areas pose a major logistical challenge for drinking water supply to Field Camps and Hospitals in many areas of the world. Drinking water supply in these missions poses a triple challenge:

  1. Obtain quality drinking water.
  2. Obtain quality drinking water.
  3. Do it in an autonomous and efficient way, that does not compromise the limited resources with which these missions by definition count.
  4. Minimizing the environmental footprint of drinking water treatment processes


Hispano Vema’s Sustainable Mobile Water Treatment Solutions (Purification, Storage, Water Treatment and Bottling) seek to respond to this triple challenge.

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