World Technology Ventures & Hispano Vema participate in 2019 Firefighting & Rescue Simposium in Heilongjiang, China


Heilongjiang Fire Services Department organized 2019 Firefighting & Rescue Simposium in Heilongjiang, China in June 28th & 29th 2019.

Heilongjiang Fire Services Department is an emergency management department which is responsible for fire-fighting, work safety and emergency rescue in Heilongjiang Province in China.

Firefighting & Rescue Simposium  has become best forum in China to present ultimate capabilities and State of the Art technology for Fire Fighting departments, Emergency Agencies and First Responders in the sector of emergencies and crisis management.

In this context, 2019 Firefighting & Rescue Simposium was chosen by World Technology Ventures, well recognized leader in China for Emergency Response, Counterterrorism and CBRN solutions to present in collaboration with Hispano Vema ultimate CBRN Decontamination solutions in China market.

Mr. Patrick Wong, the Managing Director of WTV spotlighted “ …increasing threats of chemical or biological incidents at global level, forced to Governments to be ready to face and manage this type of hazards…2019 Firefighting & Rescue Simposium is a good example as China Government enhance CBRN capabilities of their Fire Fighting departments and Rescue Teams to manage those threats…”

Indeed, World Technology Ventures presented during Symposium ultimate CBRN Decontamination Solutions from Hispano Vema for decontamination of people, vehicles, materials, ground and electronic equipment, based on Decontamination Apparatus, CBRN Rapid Deployment systems and Mass Decontamination Stations.

Innovative Hispano Vema CBRN Decontamination solutions enable Firefighting departments, Rescue teams and Emergency Agencies with ultimate CBRN Decontamination Capabilities to manage any chemical, radiological or biological threats in urban areas, critical infrastructures and the treatment of casualties in CBRN environment, which are hot topics in Defence and Security Policies around the world.

Members of General Equipment Department participating in the Symposium  highlighted versatility, efficiency and capacity of CBRN and Emergency Response Solutions presented by World Technology Ventures to manage a large scope of emergency and rescue situations.

In summary, 2019 Firefighting & Rescue Simposium, Heilongjiang was a great success being that Heilongjiang Fire Services Department achieve its target of establishing the Symposium as forum to present state of the art technology and innovation and share best practices among Emergency Response Industry and Fire Fighting, Rescue and Emergency departments of Heilongjiang in China.

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