The army strengthens its capabilities CBRN decontamination with six new teams


The Army has increased its capabilities NBC with the addition of a new team personnel decontamination container 20 feet five light decontamination equipment.
The arrival of this material, recently received, has been driven by the Directorate of Procurement Logistic Support Command with the support of the Chief of Engineering, and in close collaboration with the Defence Regiment CBRN whose staff has provided important advice from the user point of view.
The team CBRN decontamination of personnel strengthens the capacity of this area and complements the team that the Regiment has on modular shops. It also represents an innovation in the Army, being the first on container. Will remove any remaining contamination on people to be able to work safely, so that the operational capacity of the force deployed is guaranteed. It highlights its ease of projection, as it has all the integrated components and stowed in a single container, which provides a simple and fast transportation to any area of ​​operations where their use is required.
Light decontamination equipment, intended for cleaning vehicles and equipment, complete the decontamination module of the General Command of Melilla and Schools.

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