TEGISTIC and Hispano Vema participate in CBRN PROTECT 2019 International Scientific Conference of University of Defence Brno in Czech Republic


NBC Defense Institute of University of Defence Brno organized in Vyskov (Czech Republic) from Oct 16th to Oct 17th 2019 the International Scientific Conference CBRN Protect 2019 which is considered by CBRN experts as one of the most relevant specialized CBRN Conference organized in Europe and one of the best international forum about innovation, best practices, networking, experiences and state-of-the-art technologies in CBRN sector.

High level speakers and delegates attended CBRN Protect 2019 including representatives from Armed Forces, Security and Emergencies Agencies belonging to Ministries of Defense and Ministries of the  Interior and Defence Industry companies from Czech Republic, United States, Germany,  Japan, Finland, Slovakia, Serbia, etc.

In this edition CBRN Protect 2019 was focused in some of the hot topics in CBRN sector:

  • Organizational Measures of CBRN Defence
  • General Problems of Protection against CBRN (including TICs)
  • Detection and Identification of Chemical Agents and Radiological Agents
  • CBRN Individual Protection and Decontamination

24 scientific papers were presented during the congress with main focus in new personal protection technologies, detection of chemical and radiological agents and CBRN decontamination of large scale.

In this context, TEGISTIC, Czech company leader in CBRN and Emergencies market, made an overview presentation of the latest worldwide CBRN decontamination technologies, with special emphasis on the CBRN Decontamination Rapid Deployment Systems for large scale decontamination and specifically in Hispano Vema Decontamination Equipment ATILA as base for those.

Mr. Tomás Zakoucký, TEGISTIC  Managing Director  highlighted  “… the increase in threats from chemical or biological incidents worldwide, is forcing the Armed Forces not only to increase their CBRN Decontamination Capabilities, but also to have flexible solutions to adapt their capabilities to a wide range of threat scenarios, enhanced their interoperability with international partners of allied countries  … “

Innovative ATILA Decontamination Equipment fulfills these premises and aroused great interest among a large number of conference attendees. As it is multifunction decontamination equipment which provides versatile solutions to decontaminate a wide range of scenarios contaminated by chemical, biological or radiological agents. Therefore, it is an efficient CBRN Decontamination Solution for Armed Forces to enhance their decontamination capabilities: decontamination of people, vehicles, terrain, equipment and all type of materials.

In summary, the International Scientific Conference CBRN Protect 2019 was a successful event to contribute to the resilience capabilities improvement of our Society to manage the increasing threats of CBRN and Hazmat incidents. Increasing interoperability between allied countries and readiness of Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Security and Emergencies Agencies.

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