Portable Decontamination Units ATM2 & ATM10 presented at JeonNam and Ulsan Fire Department event in South Korea

JeonNam Fire Department and Ulsan Fire Deparment in South Korea organized a Public Demonstration on February 13th 2017 and February 27th 2017 respectively, to present the latest capabilities and state of the art technologies for First Response and Emergency Units in interventions against CBRN threats or attacks.

Hispano Vema in collaboration with its partner YoungJin Solutec had an active presence in this event, presenting its portable CBRN decontamination units ATM2 and ATM10.

This day allowed users to check on site the excellent maneuverability and easy-to-use of these two portable decontamination units, the majority of users emphasized the robustness of their manufacture in Stainless Steel as well as the flexibility they provide for immediate intervention in the context of a First-Response to an incident or attack with chemical, biological or radiological agents.

Another of the highlights of the participants was their versatility, since it allows the decontamination of both Interveners (with CBRN protective suits), building interiors, materials and small vehicles.

Unidades Descontaminación Portátil NRBQ ATM2 y ATM10 presentadas en Jornadas departamento Bomberos JeonNam y Ulsam de Corea del Sur
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