Newspaper El Economista publishes an article about Hispano Vema´s international business

Prestigious economic newspaper El Economista publishes an article about Hispano Vema´s international business.

El Economista is one of the main references of the economic press in Spain, being second economic newspaper by diffusion (in its paper version) and the first economic web portal of Spain according to Alexa Internet ranking.

The article by El Economista, with the title “Hispano Vema carries its CBRN decontamination and water purification systems to Southeast Asia”, includes the experience of Hispano Vema in international public tenders, both with supranational Organizations (NATO, UN, etc.) and with National Public Agencies and Institutions (especially Ministries of Defense) of many countries around the world.

El Economista focuses especially on CBRN decontamination system projects recently supplied by Hispano Vema in several countries of Asia: decontamination equipment, rapid deployment decontamination systems and decontamination systems for electronic equipment and sensitive materials.

Hispano Vema’s CBRN decontamination solutions stand out for their innovation, modularity, and flexibility, providing First Responders and Hazardous Materials Response Teams with necessary decontamination capabilities to manage Hazmat incidents in which the decontamination of people (ambulatory or non-ambulatory),  vehicles, equipment, materials or ground are critical.

In this context, CBRN Decon systems for decontamination of personnel are especially critical. The main objective in the management of a Hazmat or CBRNe incident is “Mitigate Risks and Save Lives”, so the decontamination of the affected people (both to save their own life and not to contaminate other people) seems essential and priority. For this purpose, it is basic that First Responders and Hazmat Response Teams the appropriate decontamination capabilities: Decontamination ShowersDecontamination Tents or proper Decontaminating Agents.

On the other hand, during the last years the decontamination of electronic equipment has gained special relevance, a fundamental piece in the Defense and Security Programs developed by the different countries for the protection of their Critical Infrastructures, which by definition are one of the main objectives of terrorist attacks, and in which electronic equipment is one of the main challenges when it comes to effective decontamination.

The article by El Economista highlights the success of Hispano Vema’s internationalization strategy based on innovation and research into new technologies in the field of CBRN decontamination. A highly specialized market where the commitment to R & D is the only way to maintain the differentiation value and competitive advantages.

As well as in the development of long-term collaborative relationships both with its local partners and with the end customers to whom a customized and modular solution is provided to their CBRN  decontamination needs to manage any Hazmat incident with chemical, biological or radiological agents.

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