Mobile Watermaker HYDROS at Symposium “Science & Technology for Development and National Defense 2017”, Lima, Peru


Peruvian Army, through its Directorate of Science and Technology of the Army (DICITECE) organized in Lima the International Symposium “Science and Technology for Development and National Defense 2017”.

According to the website of the Army of Peru, objective of this International Symposium is “to know and assimilate new technologies that are promoted around the world and to promote research, innovation and development in our country.”

The Symposium was inaugurated by the Minister of Defense, Jorge Nieto Montesinos and by Army General Commander, General  Luis Humberto Ramos Hume (in the superior photos interested in the new generation of portable portable water purifiers HYDROS of Hispano Vema).

In this context of interest for the state of the art in new technologies for the Defense and National Security sector, the presence of HYDROS  new generation of sustainable mobile water purifiers based on Nanofiltration technology aroused great interest in the Symposium attendees .

Lack of drinking water and the difficulty of access to remote areas pose a major logistical challenge for the supply of drinking water in Missions and Deployments in many areas all over the world, since a double challenge must be achieved: quality but to do it in an efficient and autonomous way, that does not compromise or require the dedication of the limited resources with which these Missions count.

The application of Nanofiltration technology in the development of water treatment plants marks a milestone in innovation within the field of water treatment and results in important benefits and significant improvements in the logistic capabilities of deployment and in terms of Sustainability:

• Compact size that allows transport in any type of vehicle

• Power supply autonomy: 3 supply alternatives (12 / 24VC, 110 / 230VAC and solar panels) and an internal battery with an additional autonomy of 1 hour

• Autonomy of operation: eliminates the logistics necessary for the supply of chemical products, which carry a large volume and with restrictions on their transport (Aluminum Polichloride, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, etc.) necessary in conventional purification processes.

• Sustainability: it does not generate water of rejection, it does not use chemicals and the electrical consumption is reduced by more than 94% or it is completely eliminated in the case of using solar energy.

The International Symposium “Science and Technology for Development and National Defense 2017” fully met its stated objectives of knowing and assimilating new technologies promoted around the world and fostering research, innovation and development in Peru, and in that sense Hispano Vema is very proud to have collaborated in the dissemination of the significant advances in terms of innovation and new technologies that the new generation of sustainable water purifiers HYDROS suppose in the future development of the equipment and processes of purification.

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