Industry Day at EURETEX 2018: Hispano Vema presents rapid deployment CBRN multitasking decontamination system (PDPOL)


EURETEX 2018 is the bi-annual exercise that Eurocorps celebrates to continue improving and strengthening the interoperability of the armed forces of its member countries.

This year the exercise was held at the facilities of San Gregorio Military Training Field in Zaragoza, Spain in October 2018.

Eurocorps is a multinational force, fully deployable and autonomous belonging to the European Union and NATO. Eurocorps is prepared to plan and conduct military operations in a broad spectrum of operations.

During the celebration of EURETEX 2018, the Eurocorps Commander, Lieutenant General Mr. Jürgen Weigt highlighted “… EURETEX is a unique exercise to work together 900 soldiers from 12 different countries, it is a great opportunity from the point of view of NATO and the EU .. “

In the context of EURETEX 2018 the Ministry of Defense of Spain, through the Foreign Support Office (OFICAEX) belonging to the General Directorate of Armament and Materials (DGAM), organized the Industry Day with the participation of the Spanish Defense Industry.

The JOFICAEX, General Mr. Luis López González, at the opening of the Industry Day highlighted “… this Industry Day is a fantastic opportunity to inform the armed forces of the participating countries of the EURETEX of the capabilities of the Spanish Defense Industry, as well as promote the interaction between the Industry and the Army … “

In this context of the EURETEX 2018 Industry Day, Hispano Vema presented its rapid deployment CBRN multitasking decontamination system on a container (PDPOL), for the management of scenarios contaminated by chemical, biological or radiological agents.

A multipurpose decontamination system that provides the necessary capabilities for the decontamination of people, vehicles, materials, ground, electronic equipment and sensitive materials. And all this with a rapid and autonomous deployment (thanks to its exclusive hydraulic deployment system integrated into the container) which provides a significant increase in the operational capabilities.

The innovative design of the PDPOL provides Armed Forces CBRN Units and Hazmat Response Teams the requested decontamination capabilities in a scalable and modular way. Thus the decontamination of people (based on the Hispano Vema modular decontamination shower) allows the decontamination of both valid and wounded/injured persons. As well as the management of a wide range of people affected by small groups to incidents with hundreds of people contaminated.

On the other hand, vehicle decontamination can be configured to decontaminate both light and medium vehicles. While the decontamination of the contaminated ground is done on the basis of the truck itself that is used for transport and deployment.

Finally, one of the hot topics in the Security and Defense Programs of the different countries: the protection of critical infrastructures against the growing threats of terrorist attacks, is also included in PDPOL development, as it has integrated  the decontamination system eDecon10 that allows the decontamination of electronic equipment and sensitive materials while preserving their functionality.

During Industry Day, Hispano Vema had the opportunity to present both PDPOL (rapid deployment CBRN decontamination system)  and the rest of its CBRN decontamination solutions to several Armed Forces participating in the exercise: United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Greece … and of course Spain.

In this context, it is remarkable the visits to Hispano Vema of the Eurocorps Commander, Lieutenant General Mr. Jürgen Weigt, as well as the Head of the High Readiness Force Land  Headquarters (HRFL/CGTAD), Lieutenant General Mr. Gan Pampols, who were interested by ultimate CBRN decontamination technologies, and especially by those who care about personnel decontamination.

Images: Eurocorps and own source

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