Hispano Vema mounted a camp for the Danish Army


The Spanish Hispano Vema company has manufactured for the Danish Army a full camp “turnkey” intended to house and provide the neccesary logistic services to the Danish soldiers deployed in Spain to participate in the army “Trindent Juncture” of NATO.

The facilities, rental service, are installed by the Training Center of Chinchilla in Albacete, and consists of structural tents made of aluminum and equipped as bedrooms, dining rooms, laundry and hygiene, mechanical workshops with specific access for input tanks and trucks, and all necessary infrastructure services such as water supply, waste collection, lighting, power generation and supply of electricity, fuel and space “vending”.
According to notes from the company, the Danish Army will have “a first-class facilities in a record time of three weeks” after signing the contract and the services needed throughout the exercise, which will allow the Danish military “focus their resources and energies to the assigned maneuvers. “

Hispano Vema is a Spanish company in the field of logistics campaign, projects design, manufacture and assembly of camps both nationally and internationally.

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