Hispano Vema field kitchens supplies to Army Uruguay


The National Army of Uruguay has acquired three field kitchens on container to the Spanish company Hispano Vema for national contingent in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they have different bases for Peacekeeping. The containers have a complete interior equipment and facilities for 800 people and can make healthy menus in a hygienic environment and meeting the highest quality standards.
Uruguay is one of the most active countries in the contribution of peacekeeping operations at the United Nations, in particular MONUSCO (DR Congo) with the task of supporting the process of stabilization and consolidation of peace and protection of civilians and humanitarian workers and it covers various aspects of the service, such as infantry, riverine operations, logistics and support staff.
Hispano Vema, based in Zaragoza, Spain provider in the Military Emergency Unit and projects linked to countries belonging to NATO, has consolidated in Latin America an important market. Dedicated to the manufacture of equipment logistics campañaa and decontamination NBC in 2014 was delivered to the Army of Chile 60 tank containers, 22 water tanks, 36 fuel tanks and 2 tanks of jet fuel JET A1, in different garrisons. The equipment was vital after the earthquakes of up to 8.6 degrees north of the country suffered in April last year. He has also developed a sustainable and comprehensive camp for the Colombian Air Force and is developing projects for Africa: water treatment to areas of difficult access to portable water and mainly hospitals campaign.
The company manufactures a range of equipment and integrated decontamination systems to chemical, biological and nuclear hazards (CBRN), hospitals and field kitchens, tanks and cisterns, inflatable tents fast-mounted, portable hangars and expandable containers, among other systems.

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