Hispano Vema at EDA´s CBRN CapTech Meeting & Workshop


Hispano Vema successfully participated in the CBRN CapTech Meeting and Workshop organized by European Defence Agency (EDA) in Brussels on June 13rd and 14th 2022.

European Defence Agency (EDA) established a number of specific Capability Technology groups (CapTech) to undertake research and technology (R&T) activities in response to agreed defence capability needs.

As EDA claims “…one of the principal roles of the CapTech is the identification of technology gaps and common areas of interest for cooperation. This is facilitated by the Overarching Strategic Research Agenda (OSRA), the research and technology planning tool providing a shared vision of the most important challenges in the R&T domain…”.

EDA has defined a total of 14 CapTechs which are covering the main challenges in terms of defence and security faced by Europe, with a holistic approach to strength the European resilience and its capacity to deal with present and future threads. These are CapTech determined:

  1. Technologies, Components and Modules
  2. Radio Frequency Sensors Technologies
  3. Electro Optical Sensors Technologies
  4. Communication Information Systems and Networks
  5. Materials and Structures
  6. Missiles and Munitions
  7. Aerial Systems
  8. Ground Systems
  9. Guidance, Navigation and Control
  10. Naval Systems
  11. System of Systems, Battle lab, and Modelling & Simulation
  12. CBRN and Human Factors
  13. Cyber Research & Technology
  14. Energy and Environment

CapTech CBRN and Human Factors´main objective is, as EDA claims, “…to support the strengthening of European armed forces’ capability to safely operate in a CBRN environment while contributing to civilian-led crisis response operations if needed. Considering emerging CBRN threats, strong need exists for specific defence R&T on CBRN, as well as for monitoring and investigating developments in the military and security environments.”

Current CapTech CBRN and Human Factors portfolio is including projects related to:

  • Test & Evaluation Bio Detection Identification and Monitoring Equipment
  • Test & Evaluation of Personal Protective Equipment
  • European Biodefence Laboratory Network II
  • Cold Weather Operations
  • Serious Gaming on Screening for Resilience
  • Exoskeletons

Joint Investment Programme CBRN (JIP CBRN) established in 2010 by EDA steering board is a significant Program, under which essential projects have already been developed addressing the following shortfalls:

  • Stand-off detection C threats
  • Point detection B threats
  • Mixed CBRN samples handling
  • Modelling and simulation of CBRN architectures
  • CBRN Decontamination management
  • Sensor networking for CBRN protection equipment

In this context, CBRN Consortium was invited to present main findings and outcome of its research in CapTech meeting and Human Factors meeting on June 2022.

CBRN Consortium was awarded in 2021 under CBRN Protection Research & Technology Studies and Expertise Program to conduct three researches, focused on: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Detection, Identification and Monitoring (DIM) and Protection of Critical Infrastructures (PCI).

As member of CBRN Consortium, Hispano Vema presented Work Package about Protection of Critical Infrastructures, focused on the systems of protection for Critical Infrastructures against threads from chemical, biological and radiological agents.

Rafael Arruga, Director of Business Development Hispano Vema, during his presentation, highlighted the mapping of the state-of-the-art technologies for protection of Critical Infrastructures, and a detail analysis of Europe and non-Europe Industry for technologies, products and systems for Critical Infrastructures protection.

Hispano Vema is honored to contribute to the joint activities of EDA in the field of CBRN Incidents management, improving operational capabilities in CBRN field which helps to “Mitigate risks and Save Lives”.

With a steady increase of the threats from chemical, biological or radiological agents (both from terrorist/war attacks or industrial accidents).EDA´s determination is clear to enhance response capabilities of the European Defence to face any type of CBRN incident, both in the military and civil scenario.

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