IV Forum Army Industry (F2E + I) was held on October 6 and 7 at the Infantry Academy and the Army Museum of Toledo, under the slogan “Founding a safer future.”

At the opening of the IV Forum Army Industry, the Chief of the Army Logistics Support Command, Lieutenant General Fernando García y García de las Hijas, highlighted that “… this Forum is the element that materializes the union between the Army, Companies and Industry. Aligning  the needs with the possibilities… ”. The Forum was divided into the following thematic blocks:

  • Fuerza 35
  • Experimentation, workshops and research, development and innovation projects.
  • Industry vision of Fuerza 35
  • Fuerza 35 Scenarios

Within the scope of this collaboration between the Army and the Industry, some of the most representative companies of the Spain Defense Industry  were selected: ABENGOA, ARQUIMEA, ESCRIBANO M&E, EXPAL, GDELS-SBS, HISDESAT, HISPANO VEMA, INDRA, INSTALAZA , LEONARDO, MBDA, NAVANTIA, TECNOBIT, THALES, etc. to present both their present (production) and future (R&D) capabilities, with the aim of contributing to the development of the Fuerza  35 concept.

The presentations of capacities were articulated on 4 Sector Committees:

  1. Asymmetric scenario
  2. Combat in urbanized areas
  3. Conventional combat NATO Art 5
  4. Support to civil authorities

Within the latter Sector Committee “Support for civil authorities”, Hispano Vema was selected to make a presentation under the name  “Sustainable Field Camps and CBRN Decontamination”.

Within his presentation, Hispano Vema presented some of its state-of-the-art technological innovations, such as the HVI inflatable tents, Solar LED Perimeter Lighting and mobile water purifier HYDROS within the scope of Sustainable Field Camps.

While in the field of CBRN decontamination, the focus was on one of the hot topics in CBRN area: the protection of Critical Infrastructures, and more specifically the decontamination processes of the electronic equipment present in the Critical Infrastructures.

In this context, Hispano Vema presented its CBRN decontamination capabilities of electronic equipment and sensitive material, materialized in its eDecon10 and eDecon Air systems. CBRN Decontamination systems which provide an effective decontamination of electronic equipment and sensitive materials, preserving their functionality at the same time. Due to its disruptive waterless decontamination technology.

In summary, Forum Army Industry, thanks to the collaboration and interaction of prominent companies of the Spanish Defense Industry, Universities and Research Centers, and the units and departments of the Spanish Army most linked to Fuerza 35, has allowed an important impulse and progress in the objectives set by it:

  1. Maintain permanent contact between the Army, the universities and research centers and the industry that favors the exchange of ideas.
  2. Present the short, medium and long-term needs of the Army and the main conclusions and lessons of the experimentation in BRIEX 2035.
  3. Make it easier for companies in the Defense sector to meet the needs of the Army, with the horizon in the year 2035.
  4. Present to the attendees the experimentation projects that are currently being carried out by the Army.
  5. To promote the knowledge of the Army Museum Foundation as a private non-profit entity, whose main purpose is to support the promotion of Defense culture and awareness.
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