ECOTEST presents Hispano Vema CBRN Decon Solutions at Arms & Security 2017, Kiev, Ukraine


XIV International Exhibition  Arms & Security 2017  was held from October 10th to 13th in Kiev, Ukraine.

Arms and Security 2017 was the forum chosen by Sparing-Visit Center, world leader in the manufacture of radiation measurement instruments, and world-wide known for its renowned and prestigious brand ECOTEST, with presence in more than 80 countries. To present its latest developments and state-of-the-art technology for Defense and Security sector  in Ukraine. In this context, it highlighted presentation by SparingVisit Center (ECOTEST) to the Ukrainian market of Hispano Vema’s CBRN Decontamination solutions.

Main Defence and Security Units and Agencies of Ukraine participated in the Exhibition: Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Service, etc . And also Arms and Security 2017  was attended by prominent official military delegations from Poland, Turkey, UAE, Bangladesh, Brazil or Lithuania .

In this context, Hispano Vema CBRN Decontamination Solutions presented by SparingVisit Center(Ecotest) during the exhibition had a great acceptance among the attending public, who was very interested in CBRN Rapid Deployment systems for First Responders and  Massive Decontamination Stations. .

Worldwide concern about growing threats of attacks with chemical agents (TICs or CWAs), radiological agents or biological agents, is increasing interest and attention of Defense and Security agencies around the world of all the countries for improve and update their CBRNe capabilities  suitable to mitigate the effects and consequences of those hazmat threats.

Within these CBRNe capabilities, decontamination capabilities play a critical role for First Responders and Emergency units to mitigate CBRN incidents consequences, assuring proper and effective  decontamination for people, vehicles, materials, ground or electronic equipment.

This growing interest about state-of-the-art technology about CBRN Decontamination could be verified by SparingVisit Center (ECOTEST) in its booth during Arms and Security 2017 exhibition, where there were many representatives of the different military and civilian forces and units attended the exhibition  who were interested in learn more about CBRN decontamination solutions of Hispano Vema which SparingVisit Center (ECOTEST) offers for the Ukrainian market.

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