DGAM Industry Defence Day in NATO and EU


General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM) from Ministry of Defence Spain,  organized Industry Defense  Days in NATO and EU in Brussels on May 30th and 31st . Seminars were organized by the SDG-REINT (General Directorate of International Relations) and SDG-INREID (General Directorate of Inspection, Regulation and Industrial Defense Strategy) of the DGAM, as well as MILREP (Military Representation) in NATO and EU.

In the case of the NATO Day this was its second edition, while Industry Defence Day in the EU celebrated its first edition.

OFICAEX (Foreign Support Office), belonging to SDG-REINT, managed to make the celebration of these Defense Industry Days an excellent tool to develop one of the main ones entrusted to it (according to the National Defense Directive 2012): Institutional Support for the Internationalization of the Spanish Defense Industry (AI3DE)

As highlighted by the portal Infodefensa.com, “this type of meetings comes at a decisive moment for the defense sector in Europe, following the implementation of the European Defense Plan (EDAP) at the end of last year”, and The portal itself also highlights that “… Spain on its part works on a strategy common to all national bodies involved in this plan, from Ministries to Business Associations. To this end, a working group led by SDGREINT of the DGAM has been set up to act as a contact point for the European Union “.

The Conference was attended by the most prominent Spanish companies in the Defense sector. All of them coincide in their clear international vocation and their commitment to innovation and investment in R & D & I as a fundamental key of their business strategy. The aspects of Innovation, Sustainability and New Technologies were very present in the presentations of the various companies: INDRA, TECNOBIT, NAVANTIA, GMV, HISDESAT, AIRBUS, EVERIS, FCC, ISDEFE and GAHN.

Hispano Vema participated actively in both Conferences, and had the opportunity to share its vision on the challenges of the Defense Industry in Spain, as well as its commitment to Innovation and Sustainability in the development of disruptive solutions in the field of CBRN Decontamination and mobile sustainable watermakers  with the mentioned companies as well as representatives of DGAM, SDG-REINT, SDG-INREID and MILREP.

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