Hispano Vema supplies 18 Ablution Containers to Spanish Army


As reported by, the Army Logistical Support Command (MALE) of the Spanish Army made the award of this supply to the Spanish company Hispano Vema at the end of 2018, and the containers were delivered to the Center of Supply of Intendance Material (PCAMI) during the month of January 2019

This new generation of Ablution Containers, are mainly characterized by their Sustainability, Ergonomics, Innovation and a minimum Logistic Footprint, presenting important innovations in both efficient energy management and water management.

In addition, the design, manufacturing, use and maintenance criteria defined by the NATO regulations in their corresponding STANAG have been followed, which ensures the interoperability of the Spanish Army with the equipment of other armies in any mission abroad.

The comfort and wellbeing of Spanish Army troops in their deployments both in national territory and outside our borders is a priority in the organization of any deployment or mission, and this new generation of Hispano Ablution Containers defines new standards in terms of ergonomics, comfort and breadth, as well as Sustainability and minimal Logistic Footprint, which allows the Spanish Army to be at the forefront of auxiliary equipment for campaign logistics.

According to Jose Navarro, Hispano Vema Managing Director  “…  Hispano Vema is proud to have developed this new generation of ablution containers, with which the Spanish Army is at the forefront of the European armies in terms of sustainability, as well as ergonomics and comfort for the military that makes use of them “. In addition Navarro adds “… this project has allowed us to collaborate closely with the Spanish Army through MALE, through all phases of the design and manufacturing process, which has been a very enriching and satisfying experience for Hispano Vema for increase our capacities for our international projects … “

This important supply enables Hispano Vema to consolidate itself as a benchmark in sustainable campaign logistics solutions, and deepens Hispano Vema’s commitment to Innovation and  R & D  in sustainable solutions, such as HYDROS mobile water purifier, CELDUR Deployable Container, Inflatable Tents HVI, Hybrid power generators, etc.

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