Chemical Warfare Deparment of Egypt Armed Forces disinfects Cairo against COVID-19 pandemic. Mitigating Risks and Saving Lives.


COVID19 pandemic  is one of the biggest crises the world has faced in recent decades. The virulence of an unprecedented crisis has forced public authorities, both at the level of international organizations and national and regional governments, to take safety and health measures never seen before in many countries.

Within the anti-COVID19 protocols developed by WHO, by supranational organizations (European Union, etc.) and by the Governments of all the countries of the world, the disinfection of public places has been a fundamental piece in the battle against COVID19.

In the case of Egypt, Chemical Warfare Department of the Egyptian Armed Forces was a key element in Government actions to fight  against the spread of COVID19. The Chemical Warfare Deparment made an outstanding deployment of its CBRN decontamination capabilities in order to assure an effective performance on disinfection of large public areas in the city of Cairo.

With an area of 553 km2 and a population of 20 million in its metropolitan area, Cairo is not only the most populated city in Egypt but one of the most populated cities in the world. The Chemical Warfare Department carried out an intense disinfection of avenues, streets, public spaces, etc. of the city with the aim of fighting against the spread of COVID19 and protecting its inhabitants in this public health crisis.

In this operation, the Chemical Warfare Department used  Mobile CBRN Decontamination Station on truck (PDPOL). This CBRN decontamination system is an example of state-of-the-art technology in CBRN decontamination (chemical, biological and radiological agents).

Due to its innovative modular design concept, PDPOL provides Specialist CBRN Units with required multi-task decontamination capabilities (decontamination of people, vehicles, equipment, ground and sensitive material) and ergonomically integrated into a single system. This facilitates a rapid and effective deployment in any CBRN or Hazmat scenario.

In this case, the deployment was carried out on the streets of Cairo in order to disinfect public places from the COVID-19 virus. It is an objective which matches perfectly with PDPOL Mobile CBRN Decontamination Station, as its multi-function decontamination capabilities could be configured for the decontamination of biological, chemical or radiological agents in a large number of different scenarios.

Hispano Vema is really  proud and honored that its PDPOL Mobile CBRN Decontamination Station has provided  its CBRN decontamination capabilities to the task carried out by the Chemical Warfare Department to fight against the spread of COVID19 and to protect the population of Cairo.

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