CBRN Summit Geneva 2019, Switzerland


With the title of “Prevent, Detect and Respond: Coordinating an Effective and Resilient Response to the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Threat. The CBRN Summit Geneva 2019 has been an extraordinary opportunity to review and discuss about hot topics in CBRN sector.

In the CBRN Summit Geneva 2019 have participated some of the most relevant CBRN Departments and Agencies of Europe and USA. Both in the military and civil environment.  Standing out among them:

Left: CBRN Summit Opening by Mr. Mauro Poggia, State Counsellor Department of Security. Republic and Canton of Geneva

Right: Colonel Ardanaz. CBRN Regiment Valencia , Spain Armed Forces

The contributions of both the speakers and the participants were focused on the main CBRN Summit objective: the preparation of a resilience response to the emerging threats of chemical, biological or radiological agents through greater interoperability, collaboration and technological innovation.

Considering this perspective, Hispano Vema´s  participation in this CBRN Summit, considering Hispano Vema ultimate CBRN Decontamination solution  was almost compulsory. As Rafael Arruga, Hispano Vema Director of Business Development said, “… we are looking for increasing our collaboration with the departments (both military and civil) responsible for the management of CBRN and Hazmat incidents. Focusing on the continue developing of state-of-the-art  of CBRN Decontamination technologies which provides increasing resilience to threats with chemical, biological or radiological agents. ”

Continuous innovation in new CBRN decontamination  technologies has allowed Hispano Vema to offer a full range of CBRN decontamination solutions for all types of Hazmat incidents: decontamination of people, decontamination of equipment and vehicles, decontamination of buildings, decontamination of land and decontamination of electronic equipment or sensitive materials.

Left: Lieutenant Colonel Nuñez Ortuño, Support and Intervention Emergencies Regimient (RAIEM), Military Emergency Unit (UME) Spain Armed Forces

Derecha: Mr. Vayl S. Oxford, Director of Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) USA

In the wrap up, both attendants and organizers concluded that  CBRN Summit Geneva 2019 was very positive. As highlighted by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, USA (DTRA) in its press release, referring to what its Director Vayl S. Oxford commented “it is important that we come together with our international partners and allies to share and collaborate on ideas as they relate to the CBRN community”.

In summary, CBRN Summit Geneva 2019 has been a great success by having brought together leading security professionals and industry leaders to address current CBRN threat trends, the latest technological and doctrinal procedures for improving detection, verification and decontamination of hazardous materials, emphasizing the importance of interoperability at every level to determine an effective and unified response.

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