Massive Decon Stations

CBRN Emergency and Crisis Management Agencies should provide decontamination capabilities to decontaminate large number of casualties produced in Hazmat incidents with chemical, biological or radiological agents, through Massive Decontamination Stations.

CBRN protocols determine that Massive Decon Stations must have provide three main capabilities: rapid deployment, high decon capacity and versatility.

Rapid Deployment: it is necessary to carry out a proper Decontamination within time effect limits of the different CBRN agents (up to one hour in case of chemical agents, and up to one hour and a half in the case of Toxins, biological agents).

High Decon Capacity: ensure a decontamination capacity up to 100 people per hour.

Versatility: the capacity of adapt Mass Station configuration for decontamination of several types of casualties: disabled people, wounded people, valid people, …

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